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Yan,Cheap Coach, I gradually decline leaves home though, But to write this letter of recommendation or some qualifications. ‘
‘Dan will be in addition to the demand for capacity is extremely harsh, the other is just fine, as the age, but also more relaxed, as long as you are not the kind of famous big – the land of the old monster, you can participate in, of course, Dan will be a person for a lifetime only participate term, the participation, the next is no right to participate. ‘
‘no age limit? so for some young refining pharmacists,Coach Factory Outlet, it is not some unfair?’ Wen Yan,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan could not help but hesitated, frowning.
‘Oh, the world is a matter of how absolutely fair, and Dan will have the confidence to participate, most of the patients are mixing drugs have some talent, all that they have enough weight’ leaf weight shook his head and smiles .
‘Dan will be the selection, the world is divided into three Xia-class people, it is equivalent to three screening,Coach Factory Outlet, screening day level and be able to pass the legacy and refining pharmacists under, just have the qualifications to compete in the final.’
‘Heaven, Earth, three Xia class?’ Xiao Yan brow of a challenge, indeed the highest gold refining pharmacists Assembly, just screening, are so complex.
‘Oh, it is very troublesome, so if you want to participate Dan participants, most of them will advance to the March arrived two 达圣丹 city, that is,Coach Outlet Store, Mr. Xiao Yan has only four months of preparation time,’ smiled leaf weight nod.
‘four months’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan scowled feel this urgent time, he was determined to win three thousand Yan Yan fire, and before that, but it is required to obtain pre-dan ten places, otherwise say what are empty,Coach Outlet Online, as they take the thing, he did not even want to have never thought, Danta Plains is the top power, not to mention