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it is to get him to understand what it is called Behind the people beyond
eleven kinds of flame, even doing all Cao single soul force, fear is not fully in control, not to mention they are condensed into a zoomorphic,Cheap Coach, with people fighting?
flames leapt in the air, filled with high temperature and under Cao has made it a single mouth dryness, this goes onThese pale face, at the moment it is a bit rich,Coach Outlet Online, Xiao Yan this hand, for his hit,Coach Outlet Store, do not say much.
‘how could that be?’
mouth muffled muttered,Coach Outlet Store, eyes full of incredible Cao alone, Xiao Yan’s age seems to be a lot younger than he is, how could control eleven kinds of flame? This point, even within the family of his sister, was regarded as a Vamp level is impossible ah
murmur fall, Cao single eye became red a lot,Coach Outlet Online, it is like a gambler gambled away all of the regiment are general, roar, mind a move, quadriceps sky on fire beast, and that is with a deep growl from sound, front of Xiao Yan that a group of colorful fire beast storm swept away.
faint looked desperate for a single stroke of Cao, Xiao Yan mouth is thrown hint of sneer, Xiupao free to wave, eleven head on fire, the sky is like a beast down the Tigers, and Cao single quadriceps fire beast fiercely collide together, and then crazy biting together clusters of flame constantly drift down ‘
face of Xiao Yan was the number of the beast of terror fire, Cao single quadriceps fire beast that is the disadvantage of being caught outnumbered, did not last long, the flame on the body is gradually being torn, then, In the courtyard of a Road gaze, one end connected to one end of slowly dissipated
When Cao single last one fire beast dissipated,cheap coach bags, Xiao Yan’s eleven head fire beast, but there are nine surviving head ‘ When the last one
fire beast dissipated, Cao