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essence of herbs Hugh integration, is an extremely time-consuming steps, this being can not have the slightest impatience, otherwise a minor error,cheap jordan shoes, that is, the integration will lead to failure, and this has made it into a waste of rare herbs.
Fortunately,Cheap Jordans, Xiao Yan here, has been carried out so smooth, and he is extra careful,cheap jordan shoes, because he knows the alchemy of success will determine whether he will be fit Skyfire Sanxuan changed hand deceives .
Over time, that group of eight small light solid green light within, is gradually under control Mang Yan,, slow convergence … & quot; – above
stone, Tang Zhen eyes tightly watching drug Ding, where every move, also can be quickly fed back to his mind.
‘This is really different from ordinary rock owl, not only to maintain the speed of convergence, but also to ensure the integration of not the slightest mistake, and his soul force is particularly majestic, compared with seven refining pharmacist does not know magic maple How much stronger & quot;. ‘Tang Zhen’s ability is natural to be able to be seen at a glance, Xiao Yan soul force is stronger than that of many masters of magic.
mind flashed so the idea of ​​re-Tang Zhen gaze is turned to the side of the master of magic, but it is seen that the latter slightly pale face, the moment is a little heart sank, it seems that in nine days against the Kowloon Lei Gang Fire fusion drug, also has made it his huge consumption ah.
however worried owned worry, you can at the moment is not the slightest shock Tang way,, it can not change horses in midstream, so he can only pray in their hearts magic maple can stick to the end. Because some changes
stone platform,cheap jordans, the presence of people, almost all clear at the moment Tang Zhen has completed his role, and now look at, and that is that