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poison were sovereign fighting ring where, at the moment the two, it is the war was very hot, even with the fire broke out earlier lotus when they also did not make too many of distraction, of course, this is not that they can not hear the induction, but not have the slightest distraction,cheap jordans for sale, the face of this opponent,cheap jordan shoes, even slightly out-point error is want to fall into the unbearable situation beryllium.
fire wing vibration, Xiao Yan at war at a distance that a solid place to stop not far from the figure, Chen Sheng shouted: ‘poison sovereign,cheap jordans, collaterals are three league two bucketToday, both are strong defeat, Xiao Yan is still advise you as soon as it receded. ‘
for Xiao Yan Sheng, the battle of the two is Liyebuli, obviously, at this time the two men were shot and vicious anger.
see invalid Sheng Xiao Yan also reluctantly shook his head at the moment of his state, but also afraid to participate yuzhen into that war, and therefore can only stem looked on.
perhaps Xiao soot stand here interferes with an individual mind’s sake, had fiery confrontation prince Yu war, but it is misfortune Dousheng, I saw it was a slow poison originally were sovereign quick sudden stature, while the United States Du Lufthansa is extremely tricky to catch the flaws, real estate broker, such as the snake-like extension suddenly,cheap jordan shoes, last printed in the latter strange chest.
suffered a blow,cheap jordan shoes, a blood poisoning cases since the sovereign mouth is ejected directly,cheap jordans for sale, and those blood spray, and it is turned into a strange Xuejian direct Medusa cheek.
sudden Xuejian Medusa also has made it somewhat by surprise, the key to cut only one stuck his palm, will seize it fiercely, but when it has just caught Xue Jian, the latter is suddenly melted, finally strange got into the palm of Medusa.