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accelerate the spin slowly,
‘Kaoru children, moved away some ……’
Xiao Yan tilted his head, facing Kaoru children said loudly, lotus fire destruction destructive explode too horrible, if came closer, even he is unable to afford. ()
‘ah, Xiao Yan brother careful.’ Kaoru children nodded to her perception, nature is able to detect a fire in the hands of Xiao Yan Lin terror, the moment it is not too much to worry about, stature flash, is the rapid retreat .
‘We also back farther.’
see Kaoru children swept to ancient Qingyang also waved, immediately looking dignified with people far from retreating.
‘Xiao Yan,Coach Factory Outlet, this may be your first fight with the strong half St., right? That being the case, it would allow the wife to tell you exactly what kind of irreparable huge gap between the bucket and the bucket holy statue is’ Black Skull Mountain eye blinking, husky voice and cold, slowly spread.
Xiao Yan faint smile, ‘flexor of a bomb in the hands of the destruction of fire lotus, the sky suddenly high-speed rotation,Coach Outlet Store Online, after a moment, suddenly turned into a touch of fire Mans, since Xiao Yan palm storm swept out along the way over the place, not the slightest sound But the space, but it is in its place across quietly collapse, a huge black space traces constantly emerge after a rapid fire Mans (PS:.! you do not come into the book club book review, please login wapnull $ 3z Chinese this URL try!)
destruction fire lotus, not too thrilling impact momentum, however,Coach Outlet Store, the real strong eyes, it looks like a beautiful lotus fire, but it certainly is like a scythe of death in general, people feel a strong atmosphere of death.
‘call ,Coach Outlet Store……’
deep-set eyes,Coach Outlet Online, the two groups faint green glow stared Posuixukong brought up all the way from the fire lotus,Coach Outlet, sip black gas is slowly spit out from