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‘bang! ‘, the huge defense shield fiercely shiver ripples rapid proliferation, but fortunately,Coach Factory Outlet,’ but did not collapse immediately, to see this scene, who spent Presbyterian Gang Yu relieved ‘is a fire destroyed the diffusion wave The open ‘as Juchui general, heavy bombers over grudge hood.
‘Kacha’ ‘
This time,Coach Outlet, vindictive defense shield has finally reached its limit, the sound of a click, and snapped,Coach Outlet Store, burst open.
lost grudge defense shield to block ‘fire wave is filled with unbridled and open, to see this scene, those flowers were disciples around the square’ it suddenly became pale cheeks.
‘Oh ……’, but ‘when a fire in a huge wave about to diffusion Square, a hoarse sigh slowly resounded in the sky, immediately flashed a towering figure,Coach Bags On Sale, waving Xiupao invisible ripples spread out, and the final wave of fire quietly touch,Coach Outlet, two energy between each other erosion, and finally slowly into annihilation, ‘Great elders!’
see this figure suddenly shot ‘elders face some flowers were also surfaced on the color touch of surprise.
‘Xiao Yan, do you want me to spend were destroyed it?, the sky,Coach Outlet, the white-haired old women were suddenly appeared, look away Xiao Yan, some helpless Road.
heard ‘face pale Xiao Yan is also a little embarrassed, ‘he was able to perceive the strength of the white-haired old women of horror’ moment also do not dare ‘arch of the hand, and said:’ It is non-resort, but also look old woman wonder, then . ‘
voice down ‘his first removed from the sodium ring mouth stuffed several immortality’ and then turned to flower brocade Square ‘at the moment of the latter, a cheek full horror of color that look Xiao Yan eyes, looking like a ghost in general ‘never thought she could, but still able to cast Chuzhe Deng Xiao Yan Lian demon evil king is unable