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after all, with our strength, in the flower were ‘it was only the middle reaches only be counted. ‘
Speaking here, also surfaced on Nalan sweet touch of cheek smile ‘and said:. ‘Today, the situation caused by,Coach Outlet, a small mobile computer to read the first novel network should be joined with the teachers at my flowers were the second year,Coach Outlet Online, when I and teacher were spent alone in a mountain range to find a live ‘on weekdays and no one came to visit, we would have thought the whole mountain takes on mentoring two left us, but who knows in a wandering teacher found a cave, In that cave, with an old lady legs paralyzed. ‘
hear here ‘ShawSharp eyes also slightly thrown Xu some fluctuations.
‘This old lady was very cunning temper, after the discovery of the teachers’ hands to direct her to play out, for which the teacher is also affected by a number of injuries, but she does not get mad, the results returned to that old lady and this meal send ‘will be sent for two years’ Two years later,Coach Factory Outlet, that the old lady was finally offered a cave’ with us for a year. ‘
Heard ‘Xiao Yan is smile, shaking his head, giving two years to send rice’ is also thanks to the cloud rhyme absurd,Coach Factory Outlet, ‘This is much more boring kind of talent capable ah get out. ‘
‘And that old lady lived in with us a year later, temper seems a lot,Coach Outlet Store, ‘This time we did not know, she claimed her mother spent’ but for what she’s doing, we are not clear, but did not find what she was strong ‘Nalan sweet sigh:’ But this seems to spend her mother shortly life limit, and we live in after a year, that is, come to an end, and in its deadline is approaching ‘she obstinately to a strange means it is sealed in a lifelong grudge teacher body,Coach Outlet Store Online, but also the teacher threw a jade tablets, let her go when the flowers were sovereign … ‘