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but a struggle that will remain strong Emperor, Xiao Yan is quietly took to touch the hearts of hot, bucket Emperor, standing strong peak in the world, and that a what extent has a strong power, Xiao Yan did not personally seen, but also the kind of gestures between fuzzy guess, world unrest terrible power and influence. matter
a struggle that will remain the Emperor strong enough to set off a reign of terror on this continent a grudge,Coach Outlet, of course, the things that are left, must also have the qualifications to cause this unrest.
simple, if Xiao Yan Emperor fighting to get some of what things left behind, then maybe have a task that is being able to compete with the soul of the houseCapital!
this,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan for it,Coach Outlet Store, but has a fairly big temptation.
stature like fish quietly cut magma, Xiao Yan eyes could not help but glance at front behind,Coach Outlet Online, crimson lava obscured line of sight, but still be able to see the end of that magma faint among the world so that touch People palpitations dark, there is perhaps would have with the ancient emperor who Tuo homes a little message.
eyes of the very hot,Coach Outlet Online, which lasted for a moment, and when to be awake Xiao Yan gradually recover from such a shock, but it is slowly breath, his eyes slowly dissipate very hot, he did not turn on the TV drama bottom of the magma and to go, though he knew where homes can cause Tuo ancient jade emperor response.
but he also understands that there is what’s dangerous, and now he does need power to rescue his father and old drugs, but the premise is that he must save the next life, of course, have done a lot in the past Xiao Yan hard to do,Coach Outlet Online, That is the bottom line may have some presence, and this, if it immediately turned into the bottom of the mystery of magma, Xiao Yan did not even a shred of confidence, can