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be induced Jiuxing shoved opened his eyes, however, had just heard a roar of anger from among its throat, four figure is a triangle shape appear around it, the vast grudge rapidly surging, then into lightning,Coach Outlet Online, fiercely bombarded on this road Jiuxing energy body body.
facing the ancient Qingyang other four joint attack, the roar that just came Jiuxing energy body throat, is plop ‘into nothingness, 一枚 bright energy nuclear fall out, the last being smoked children quickly grabbed the hand.
see smooth attack succeeded,Coach Factory Outlet, a pedestrian is a laugh, and then in a gesture of Xiao Yan, rapid low voice, quickly snatched away in front.
kill four after the energy body, flat back away a bit, but this also did not last long flat, Hsiao go far people face is gradually thickened, as they began to see some promise Wei pressure, not far from the front slowly diffuse out.
feel this coercion, Hsiao go far is slightly wrinkled brow, the speed is gradually slowing down, they know, even if it were,Coach Outlet Online, as the pass blocking layer, then it will not say anything mysterious tomb Shaw House a ……,
‘Everyone be careful ……’
Xiao Yan softly, once again moving forward some distance, physique hiddenIn the shadow of a boulder among slightly narrowed eyes looked toward the front.
Xiao Yan at sight, obscured by a fog of energy, this energy is not thick fog, while the breeze blowing from, so too is gradually dissipated the fog away,Coach Outlet Store Online, and along with the energy dissipation of fog, a foot There are huge boulders baizhang peaks,Coach Outlet Store, suddenly appeared in the line of sight Hsiao go far.
occurs when the boulder mountain, Xiao Yan, a pedestrian’s eyes are locked at the peak of the mountain,Coach Outlet, where the party has a huge stone blocks, stone blocks on top of that, a figure sitting proudly, edged dark