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the Han Feng questioned several times, this guy is also very cunning, has not been what I asked,Coach Outlet Online, but so few times, but also on the Plains go missing, to get the time,Coach Outlet Store, I just feel like,Coach Factory Outlet, home-volt missing, I am afraid that some relationship with this guy, you can find so many years in the Central Plains, there is no news of Han Feng. ‘Venerable eyes tightly wind staring at Xiao Yan, Chen Sheng said. Xiao Yan sigh a sigh, low Lu said:!. ‘The teacher then,Coach Outlet Store Online, indeed,Coach Outlet, been victimized by Han Feng,’ ‘howl’ Xiao Yan remark falling, the wind in front of the venerable face instantly became chill down, an awe-inspiring intention to kill, since storm surge out of the body, so too this world temperatures are reduced a lot. ‘This beast, drug dust him from an abandoned baby to keep a * man, and an ability to pass him, he actually dare to bite the teacher? Niexu, conscience is a dog really ate, then the old lady had a slap shot dead bastard! ‘Venerable face emerged fury of the wind, thundered. Venerable seen such a furious wind, Mu Qingluan also shrink the shrink neck, vice breeze wind Venerable weekdays simply shot the lights, clear appearance, he would be so rarely seen gaffe. ‘Medicine dust? Does death close friend who is a teacher, stars fell Court never been seen Gezhu, medicine drug Venerable dust?’ Mu Qingluan tick the whisper uttered the name, immediately seems to suddenly thought of something, Xiao Yan looked beautiful eyes dismay, speechless. ‘Gezhu?’ Wen Yan, Xiao Yan actually surprised a moment, he did not always know what Gezhu medicine. ‘Stars fell Court when j -! I single-handedly created the dust and medicine, but he do not like these things,Coach Outlet, then I’m in the management of almost all these years, even though he was missing, but Gezhu location, or there, because I know, to the