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‘to be invited to the ancient tribe, most of them are powerful forces on the continent as well as the top of the strong, ‘This is a kind of experience, of course, with your strength and the name of the first and now, fully sufficient to achieve an equal footing with their qualifications,’ medicine and old smiled: ‘how? There are not daring to go? ”
…… teacher assured, holding jade posted slightly clenched hand, Xiao Yan is smile, whispered: ‘The disciples never lost a teacher’s face is’ ‘
‘Haha,Coach Outlet Online, do not worry about it, I’d laugh …… plant medicine old cry,Coach Outlet Store, Xiao Yan then patted the shoulder, said:’ When a few days, you will begin to leave, the other, I know that between you and Xiao smoked children relationship, but you get to the ancient tribe, to be more cautiousThe girl in the ancient tribe,Coach Outlet Store, extremely good, as far as I know, she has a family for so many years old, the most complete fighting Emperor blood ‘This will make a great possibility was that she had to break through to the legendary levels So say you want to be with her, can not be easy. ‘Xiao Yan nodded silently,Coach Outlet Store Online, for the children smoked position among the ancient tribe, long before long, he is vaguely aware of some rooms, but the latter voice and facial expression, is like Daoke general, stamped in Shaw inflammation soul, unable to erase this world,Coach Factory Outlet, there is no force that can erase this and other mark, even that powerful ancient tribe,Coach Outlet Online, the same is true!
‘The Proterozoic go, you will also Skyfire Venerable and small medical cents to bring it.
” drug Road: ‘The day after the fire Venerable help me this time refining his immortality, power is restored the six-star level, the body of a small medical cents woe poison the body, I just help her concise a moment, then to let her go to a place alone. ”