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to go somewhere,Coach Outlet Online. ” Xiao Yan stood up and sneered.
Kaoru children nodded slightly.
‘High energy body this zone more intensive,Coach Factory Outlet, difficult to see in the eight weeks preceding the energy body also occasionally occur, and, in the northeast of the range, I felt a surge of energy veiled coercion ” Xiao Yan turned to the northeast direction ‘brow Wei Zhou Road.
‘ah ‘allows us all feel a little coercion energy body, I think, should be afraid Jiuxing energy body, huh’ Xiao Yan brother’ seems to be a big fish ah ‘hands what we want? ‘Kaoru children sweet smiles’ She also has a little of that feeling, but this feeling compared to Xiao Yan is weaker on many,Coach Outlet Online, this Jiuxing energy body’ there are nine in vivo nuclear energy,Cheap Coach Purses, this energy nuclear For two people who ‘have not a small but attractive ‘After the two of them entered the tomb also has a half-day time’ but as far as nine nuclear energy ‘is an all never got before.
‘how nuclear energy is not hands-nine in the second layer is not to say that you can meet met ” Xiao Yan smile, in front of the eyes look distant, said:?’ This time, they let these two guys run it ”s always there when you goodbye * …… ”
‘go,Coach Outlet.
voice down ‘Xiao Yan is turned to the patch of energy coming from the direction of coercion quickly snatched,Coach Outlet Online, in its wake, Kaoru children also quickly follow.
patch there where energy coercion Xiao Yan duo has some distance away ‘skimming nearly two full twenty minutes just stature gradually slowing down’ in this one area, seven or even eight weeks of energy body has been able to see some ‘energy body but these are spread among a region’ as if guarding something general.
‘Jiuxing energy body is to have some Euro RSCG, which is equivalent to the energy body into positions of power ‘can easily control the other’s energy