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surging river as the tide which gush.
this strain of fruit trees, called water intoxication Unzen tree, egg fruit on it, called Shuiyun fruit, which has an extraordinarily rich in the water properties of energy, some of the water properties of Warcraft, it has a deadly like attractive, and because of its internal energy majestic, leading concern that there is a special kind of fruit pulp drunk, drunk paste this effect is extremely powerful,Coach Outlet Online, even seven bands of Warcraft will swallow up, will also gradually being drunk was going to sleep. Xiao Yan needed,Coach Outlet, Is precisely within this water cloud that drunk fruit pulp.
‘Well, in order to get Dan Ling pulp, this thing, we can only give up, ah …’ Xiao Yan carefully these lines buried under the tree water drunk Unzen ground, and in order to achieve a realistic effect, he also specifically around so that was the same soil, from afar,Coach Outlet Store, as if this thing has been to grow here in general.
planted location, quite a distance away from the pit, as Xiao Yan know, seven bands of Warcraft Euro RSCG is not weak, if it suddenly out in the next strain of this and other baby, it would certainly cause some suspicion,Coach Outlet Store, Today, although some distance away, but Xiao Yan is prepared with a letter, that guy will definitely be attracted out of water clouds fruit attractiveness water Warcraft, but then witnessed Xiao Yan. After the water drunk
Unzen trees planted,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan stature of a move, on top of a giant tree swept the body hidden in the lush foliage, looking through the cracks, much stared calm pools and his breath is at the moment, give all converge. With quiet
Xiao Yan, this forest is becoming unusual quiet down, at that pit, it’s still not the slightest reaction, pools surface,Coach Factory Outlet, are never even been rippling waves.
this case, Xiao Yan did not