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participants, including the Quartet’s four disciples Court, a total of 53 people, or the old rules, the battlefield began to mix until the last field only eight people so far, and now, all participants who are entering it. ‘When the bell sounded muffled sound, the sound of thunder His Holiness also sounded again. Venerable Ray
voice just fall on the square ring is broken while Feng Zhisheng, soon a road young figure Shanlue admission, wrong wrong yo last walk around the square to each other, are all on the alert.
these people playing,Coach Outlet Online, suddenly become hot up led Assembly, deafening cheers, like the emergence of avalanche on a mountain top, immediately straight into the sky, and even the distant cloud layer are therefore becomes fluctuating stand up. With the admission
contestants,Coach Outlet Store, Mu Qingluan that seats over, Tang Ying,Coach Outlet, Wang dust trio ‘, as a glance, is the stature of a move, floating down into the plaza, the three men ten approach, flapping around them is empty of a prince Yu, the presence of people are aware of the strength of the three men, so naturally is not automatically sent home to go.
as one of the protagonists of this Congress,Coach Outlet, Mu Qingluan three of admission, so that was also a direct around the square Huan Sheng become more stirring up the atmosphere above the top of the hill, in their appearance, quick access **.
‘laugh,Coach Handbags Outlet.’
trio just entering the field, a clear sound that is dicey in the sky suddenly sounded, and soon the giant crane colorful wings from a hilltop since their shadows on a giant crane back a little toe, is a moving shadows Light swept down, did not immediately bring up the slightest sound and landed softly on the plaza among Xiao Yan eyes looked clear is naturally phoenix children, is so noble qualities,Coach Factory Outlet, but added no one can.
Feng Qing children