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clouds that rhymeApex crimson, Xiao Yan is hollow laugh loudly, and then a long spit of breath, heart blows distractions, gradually breath. With the mind set
condensate, two fingers and Qu Xiao-yan, a wisp of brown with purple flames boiled Sisi Sen, slowly emerged out of self fingertips.
this flame,Coach Outlet Store, natural product is a blend of cold fire after bone spirit, [fighting broke sky it regressed] now complete fusion of four different fire ‘either color or power, are somewhat strong, and now This cross-fire, giving a somewhat strange feeling, under extremely hot,Coach Outlet, but it is a hidden force arctic, its tough degree, it is almost like a surge in geometric times,Coach Factory Outlet, imagine the future If the person against, this strange Qijin invade other body,Coach Outlet Online, what would cause harm to the other party.
condensate flame now,Coach Outlet, Xiao Yan face also become thickened, after a moment, two fingers, such as electricity, heavy cloud point above the jade back rhyme.
‘laugh’ ‘ Although Xiao Yan has not spawned
flame temperature, but that is already inherent in the high temperature, it’s still a cloud rhyme back instantly burned into ashes clothes,Coach Bags Outlet, revealing smooth jade moving curve.
‘ah ……’ ‘
suddenly become cool it back ‘so that was also a cloud rhyme uttered a cry, cheeks reddened moment’ but dignified Sheng ear came, she had to get it is to fluctuations in the hearts of convergence.
‘breath! cover your own turn, I want to break the seal.’ ‘
for Xiao Yan Sheng extremely dignified, Yun Yun Yinya micro bite ‘forcibly suppressed fluctuating heart, rapid breath. Xiao Yan
flame burning fingers point back at the cloud rhyme, smooth jade that suddenly appeared on the back of a purple spot, a Unit of extremely hot flame, along this spot, a steady stream of drilling Yun Yun body.
suddenly such a large cross-fire