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hands caress the body under this head jiu python offerings, the mind is the color of the sky flashed a colorful python.
‘color scales do not know whether that is really the belly has xiaojia blood,
think color scales, Xiao Yan eyes the color complex is passing touch, this had jumped on him was channeling kill Medusa Majesty,Coach Outlet Store, do not know how, and with her strength, look at that piece of geographical should rarely rival, right?
‘Xiao Yan little too …… ,,
Xiao Yan caught between memories aside Harengula Qiaolian is slightly changed, cried softly.
‘how?, was barking back from my thoughts,Cheap Coach, Xiao Yan Yi Zheng, said.
‘seems to be something wrong ah ‘, Harengula whispered.
Wen Yan, Xiao Yan eyes suddenly narrowed slightly upEyes slowly swept around, when they are already in the mountains over a deserted, but some strange is that ‘this piece of the mountains’ is not even the slightest sound of the beast roar, are like a dead field.
stature slowly stood up, so that was Xiao Yan Qing Ming jiu python scales will stop, and then stay on the front of the line of sight is not far from the void, faint: ‘Now come, why Cangtouluwei you say? right? demon flower evil king.,
‘Boy,Coach Outlet Online, perceived very well.’
Xiao Yan words down, in front of that space is a burst of distortion,Coach Outlet Store, immediately emerge out of thin air a few figure is,Coach Bags On Sale, at the same time ‘is the overwhelming vastness of breath filled open.
silhouette appeared, a total of four people, one of whom is the day to eat fire destroyed a record XiaoYan lotus flower evil demon king, the other three,Coach Outlet Online, all three dressed in a gray robe, deadpan old man ‘that Three of breath, no better than the evil demon king spent weak ‘look on their chest badges, all day offerings were shocked people.
‘Xiao Yan, you ruined my day event offerings were’ Do