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of course, compared with the Court that forces such as wind and thunder, naturally is going to want a lot of difference, but the strength of the two men, it In the four-star and five star just about Wong, could be counted on to other places good, but here, it is only counted as moderate.
walk through the Valley after the ceremony, slightly pale colors but also from the two powerful grudge storm surge out of the body,Coach Outlet Store, and soon the two men give all wrapped into.
grudge just emerging, is shoved two Yiduo ground,Coach Factory Outlet, like stature as Dianmang Shanlue out directly at the top of the stone steps lightning flee to see two people that look like, seems to want to bang strong This so-called rat crossed Chaoyin wavefront.
They really quite pretty fast speed, just a flash of rooms, is rushed into the nearly one hundred meters, and it is in this Yisha,Coach Outlet Store Online, stone staircase Rat bite crowded around, stood covered with hair and shoved into the sky,Coach Factory Outlet, cloth long mouth full of sharp teeth, give all open!
‘squeak! squeak!’
sharp was like a weird tip to pierce the soul song, with a strange surge of volatility, like magic sound like, suddenly appeared, immediately overwhelming the scattered open.
sonic just appeared, Na Liangdao figure is suddenly a stiff, pale face is quickly up, but did not immediately return defeated, but the body of a grudge endured turmoil,Coach Outlet Online, toes a little staircase, and is Baoshe out.
‘Lou laugh!’
against overwhelming sonic storm washed away nearly ten meters, the two body stiff again, and this time, two blood is spit out directly, as the body is like being hit,Coach Outlet Store, inverted out, the last in the eyes of the crowd , top heavy falls platform, but also a blood spray out.
seeing this, a lot of people on the platform are sorry sigh, damn sonic array really tricky.
‘failure.’ Kanaya shook his