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excitement, but it is not yet have the slightest relaxation, continue to increase the power of the soul, watching the immortality of any move, if at this time because of an accident that caused Dan destroyed, so Xiao Yan really want to cry no place to go.
Xiao Yan carefully maintained under rocket immortality milky surface gloss getting rich, after approximately half an hour,Coach Outlet Store Online, immortality suddenly shocked, and soon a powerful energy ripples emerge out of thin air, such as wave-like, looked madness spread.
‘boom! boom,Coach Bags Outlet!’
energy ripples spread out,Coach Outlet Store, and finally hit on the inner wall of the drug tripod, issued a ringing bell Yin road noise.
‘This drug tripod can be really strong, if the change for ordinary drug Ding,Coach Outlet Store Online, probably already in this energy burst open under the impact,’ looked at the impact of energy just to slight trembling of drug Ding, Xiao Yan could not help but cry Anzan, as he expected, crimson drugs get this from Han Feng Ding,Coach Outlet Store Online, I’m afraid the old drugs that are capable of so-called ‘Dark’ Ding comparable medicine, maybe, this whole body painted over a wide range of Warcraft roar Patterns of drug tripod is one thing that the so-called ‘Tianding list’ among.
bell chirping gradually weakened, milky egg immortality among drug Ding,Coach Outlet Online, suddenly release the glare, immediately wrapped in a white, red open forcibly medicated tripod, but it flies in the closet for a long time in tight, you can it is still escape to.
‘This is really extraordinary Dan Qing Ming Ting, a birth is actually thinking about escape,’ to see this move immortality, Xiao Yan is Yi Zheng, immediately smiled and shook his head, behind a trick, is to direct a certain attraction four flying lines incorporated into the hands of white light, and then remove the jade stopper inside.
immortality is stuffed