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peak imperial struggle, but also the phase of war, among peers,Coach Outlet Store Online, to win his people, Plains indeed,Coach Factory Outlet, but the day north of the city, but it is still not appeared. ‘Having said after the old man, he is slowly closed his eyes again.
hear so Huiyi old man said that flood relief legislation also fortunate heart,Coach Outlet Store, revealing the face hint of sneer, he’d want to see, after losing that Korean pool will be more ugly face.
boulder above the square,Coach Outlet Online, Hung Chen Xiao Yan lazy gaze swept him,Coach Outlet Store, and said: ‘News JL name.
Xiao Yan smile, do not care about this guy that arrogant tone, light laugh:. ‘unknown junior, Xiao Yan, Chen Hung than not young master’s name ah’
‘with little lip service I give you ten times the information to decide their own roll or I put you scrap it and then throw it out.’ Hung Chen face a cold, shouted.
‘not ten interest, or direct hands it ._’ Xiao Yan shook his head, and a look harmless to humans and animals, which really Hung Chen as others have said, man is extremely proud.
eyes slightly gloomy, dark, staring at Hung Chen Xiao Yan, said:. ‘Since his own death wish, then blame the young master unsparing hands of the’ voice down, a self-Hung Chen Leiguang body suddenly gushed into final Lightning layer bare hills, its entire body is enveloped into.
‘What grudge mine property.’ ‘Xiao Yan Hung Chen looked shrouded deep grudge silver, on which, like countless Leiguang looked like a silver snake jump Teng, apparently, this guy is the practice, is the kind of attack Strong cross-known mine property exercises.
‘Remember this little name,Coach Outlet Online, Hung Chen, you are full of defeat at the hands of, is your glory!’ Hung Chen sneer, feetPalm suddenly depressed, a stout arm Leiguang, like Monty Python-like along the ground, facing Xiao Yan Baoshe away.
looked like Sheban winds from