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blood. Xiao Yan body broken on
robes, when it emerges from the clouds in the morning, the body’s energy is automatically formed at the surface of clothes to him this level,Coach Outlet Store Online, the mind of a dynamic, changing everything grudge is available.
‘color scales seems still in practice among the ……’
Xiao Yan eyes looked jiu their lives at the bottom, with his perception of nature is able to detect,Coach Outlet Online, jiu chill endless energy into their lives,Coach Outlet Online, as the tide of the flock are the depths of a monster, and That monster, it is the color scales of colorful python swallowing day.
‘demon eyes open patriarch, day demon Phoenix family can have news?’ the demon turned to close the eyes, Xiao Yan laughed.
‘ah.’ Heard, demon eyes openPang slight smile on convergence,Coach Outlet Online, slowly nodded his head, Chen Sheng said: ‘As far as I got, the day the demon Phoenix family is in the past few days, and is strong and will send help to the nothingness of space three Large Long Island. ‘
‘really is what you want to intervene.’ Xiao Yan faint smile, pour not surprised, those guys day demon Phoenix family, always did not give up, in order to get the dragon phoenix blood, they probably can do anything, and that the three Long Island to win ‘really comes in, regardless of whether this thing asking for trouble, are doing it.
‘demon days Huang family sent a much stronger?’
‘The days of the demon sent to the Phoenix family of strong, mostly in the bucket respect level, of course, worthy of our attention, it is not much,Coach Outlet, only three,Coach Factory Outlet, but three, all day demon Phoenix family too much on the elders, in the World of Warcraft profession, but also fierce name heyday. ‘demon eyes open looking somewhat dignified said.
‘Oh? Which three? How powerful?’ Xiao Yan brow of a challenge.
‘too much on the three elders’ demon known as