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are you doing here?’ Liu Qing laughed, ashen face on dissipate a lot of touches of color, to be here to meet Xiao Yan suddenly, apparently his heart is extremely pleasure.
‘I need to go to Dan domain, the day the city has a space wormhole yellow straight Dadan domain, on the way to come and see you guys.’ Xiao Yan smiled, eyes glanced implied not far away family and other people smell Yan, Liu Qing nodded,Coach Outlet Store Online, immediatelyHammer smiles: ‘Today, in the past, etc.,Coach Factory Outlet, will re-open space wormhole that is, to the time I can help you look at RBI, this small will be good to me.
‘wormhole space charge has been the turn of the way home, they see us plain dislike willow family, cousin if you come forward, then a lot of them it will make things difficult.’ Liu Qing behind, Liu Fei suddenly muttered.
face sank Liu Qing, Liu Fei suddenly no longer silent.
‘how is it? need help?’ Xiao Yan Liu Qing seems to never see his face,Coach Outlet, the sun turned to Liu Fei, laughing.
‘Nothing, just some small trouble, go, go back, since you’re here day Yellow City, what to say is going to take something to entertain you.’ Liu Qing waved, to want to let go of the front shoulder Xiao Yan, Fu Road.
‘When did you go with me Gama empire, I never said such a thing.’ Xiao Yan Liu Qing looked directly,Coach Outlet Store Online, but it is light laugh. Liu Qing
stiff arm in the air, eyes and Xiao Yan as the one, only to smile a cry, exclaimed: ‘This is not the Gama empire, just a way home strength is stronger than the cloud-lan , if you shot it,Coach Outlet, I am afraid will isolate themselves attracted some trouble.
‘Hey, Liu Qing, you misjudge Xiao Yan, and he can just come out from the storms Court of tables, and even wind and thunder North Tower of Gezhu day fee can not do nothing to him, a little way home,Coach Outlet Online, they considered what ? ‘Side Yan Lin, Pieliaopiezui,