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behind, Xiao Yan also be induced in Lima, but this had a chance to display their prey escape thousand thunderous, geese off the day’s fist, is severely hit on its back.
Zhe Yiquan, Xiao Yan direct is to make a blood spray, and its stature is falling away toward the ground, after days of seeing wild, ferocious smile, behind the golden goose feathers aroused, suddenly facing falling Xiao Yan dive away.
see this copy,jordan shoes for sale, suddenly erupted over the fortress of horror sounds, Hyperion East, who is also a burst of pale complexion, or can not stand it?
‘Ebina, you ready to hand to save the third brother!’ Xiao Ding gloomy face,cheap jordan shoes, low shouted.
Hyperion East nodded behind white ice wing emerge rapidly, then suddenly the storm swept out of the front of Xiao Yan position where lightning rushed.
air, Xiao Yan rapid fall down,cheap jordans for sale, ears whirring sound of the wind, and its eyes, is closed, as if the whole person into a coma in general, but, if listen carefully, then it will found that the mouth is whispering, urging: ‘! Soon, soon will be able to better’
Yanling bright golden wings unfold,cheap jordan shoes,For the spectacular, goose down days looking at the close of Xiao Yan, eyes grinning even more, this kid imperial struggle, even dignified a struggle to get him to vomit blood wounded were strong in public, which for him, simply just publicly slapped him a slap generally intolerable,Cheap Jordans Outlet, so,Cheap Jordans Outlet, anyway, he should grab this guy and then tortured some good!
rapidly came to bribe Hyperion East, looked terrifyingly fast goose down days, and his face is exceptionally ugly, hard teeth to enhance the speed, you want to save before he arrived the next Xiao Yan.
close distance, the goose wings off the day, stature suddenly under attack, and its palm is facing ferocious Xiao Yan head caught in the past.
However, when