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luster, but at this moment, that quiet atmosphere, is like waking up a sleeping lion in general, Xiao Yan slowly diffuse out from the body, which shares the atmosphere, 26 than before, but still more the essence of many, if that is in the past six Xiao Yan Yan early stage, then and now, he is standing on the peak level six star break to seven, it is only a short distance away, & quot;
this time of alchemy,Tiffany Outlet, it seems to give a great advantage Xiao Yan.
TV drama feel your body from diffuse out of breath, Xiao Yan is slightly hesitated,Tiffany Outlet Online, his eyes flashed a hint of color pondered the past few days, he is in a state of quite mysterious, in that state of being His soul force seems to be open to maximize the kind of highly complex integration of the drug within the drug tripod, not only by his life and give all cohesion, and being without even a shred of useless consumption. Originally
Normally,Tiffany Outlet Online Store, the refining of the financial blood red sky soul success rate is not too high, because not only has the extra strain of dragon blood Chi drug, also for no more than a drop of blood purple fine grind, so,Tiffany & Co Outlet, Almost totally inconsistent with the prescription is configured, you know, among prescription, even if it is less where a humble herbs,Tiffany Outlet, maybe failure is the result of alchemy,Tiffany Jewelry Outlet, after all, every one prescription, After numerous tests are just successful predecessors, and their descendants want to tamper with thin air, difficult to imagine.
if the past few days did not want to enter the lucky soul force that will magnify the singular state, then cemented immortality even able to force the prototype, are bound to be in the final step fails, but have to say, he was very Lucky …
eyes slowly turned into drug-ting, which looked into the egg wrapped in purple flames prototype immortality,